Jessica Hall

We were desperate when we came to Sobel & Erwin. We were a newly married couple and our case just wasn’t moving forward. The response we always received was that “due to COVID… blah blah blah”. Sobel & Erwin met with us and gave us a lot of clear, good advice. They put their name on our case to hopefully push our case forward, and with a little time we finally made it through our green card process. Thank you so much for your help and your patience! I’m sure we could have continued alone and would have eventually made it through the process, but having you behind us made things feel more manageable and that we were on the right path.

Thawn Thawn

I am very pleased to recommend Eddie Erwin and Maria for their kindness, care and professional to me as their client. With their helped through my immigration journey I finally got approved for my asylum case in such a short period of time. They were there anytime i make a phone called answered any questions I had and given me the best advises I could ever have. They are very professional and competent. Base on my experience working with them I am very happy to Highly recommend them.
Thank you Eddie Erwin and Maria.
I really appreciated and God bless you.

Navid Amiryeganeh

My Sister and I moved to United States 12 years ago from our home country of Iran in the hope of stress free life and to start our higher education. Unfortunately things didn’t happen as we hoped. About eight years ago our files came across his desk. It was a challenging case and he immediately started working on it. Over time both sides earned each other’s trust. Each time he wanted to take a step he shared his thoughts and suggestions and provided us with avenues to take. We always felt some kind of relief by talking to him about our case. And when you are feeling lost, you need every bit of calm you can get. His fees are reasonable. And the best thing we found in his practice is that he enjoys the challenges of his work and likes to win. He represents you like he would himself. He wants to win, so that means we would prevail as long as we provided him with evidence. With all his help and dedication, we got our Green cards squared away and are now citizens. I can’t imagine any other attorney would have done anything close to what he did. We are lucky and pleased to have such an attorney.

Gilbert Glasscock

I first met and hired Eddie Erwin several years ago when faced with a difficult immigration problem. I was trying to get my new wife into this country and discovered I needed a hardship waiver to do so. I also discovered it is difficult to get a waiver approved unless the application contains all the correct information. That’s where a good attorney comes in. Eddie guided me through the entire process, and got my wife into the U.S.

It’s now been more than two years later and time to get my wife approved for her ten year green card. We decided to use Eddie once again, and he guided us through that process without a glitch. She now has her permanent resident card and we couldn’t be happier.

Needless to say, we would highly recommend Eddie Erwin for all immigration needs.

Jesus E. Pasquez

I am from Valencia, Venezuela. I have been in the U.S. since 1997 and recently graduated from Oklahoma State University. I cannot thank David Sobel enough for his prompt assistance and professionalism regarding my immigration cases. If you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable and honest lawyer who cares about you as a person David will be the one. As always, working with David has been an excellent experience. “David is the Best.”

I truly appreciate all the help you have provided me through out the years, and look forward to continue working with you in future.

Marvin D. Krueger

I would like to pass on a hearty word of thanks and appreciation for the great professional service we have received from you and your firm, Sobel & Erwin, PLLC. We had never dealt with immigration law previously so we did not know what to expect, however we did receive help quickly, as time was of the essence, and The filings and work was carried out in a very professional manner.

I would recommend the David, Catherine and the firm of Sobel & Erwin Pllc to help anyone with the area of immigration law. I don’t know that you could get better assistance.


I was very fortunate to walk into your office several years ago after an extensive search to find a capable lawyer for handling our rather complicated legal case for immigrating to this country.

Now my children have respectable jobs after receiving their university education and we are finally enjoying life together after several years of separation.

Many thanks to you for helping to make this possible. Your great command of legal knowledge, your continuous perseverance for following our case, and your friendly personality were the keys to resolve our seemingly almost impossible case. At the times when hopelessly we wanted to abandon the case you gave us hope, when we got tired to follow up over case you encouraged us to be tolerant, and any time we walked into your office. You received us with a smile which boosted our moral. We rightly trusted you with our family history. For your assurance that all would go right at the time of the interview, you traveled to Ankara, which in addition of being effective, we greatly enjoyed being with you there.

We sincerely thank you for all of that, and wish for you and your good family the very best that life could offer and prosperity for this blessed land.

James Wainwright and Family

My wife and I met online several years ago. She came to Australia in 2009, we had our son in 2011, and wanted to come to America to visit her family with the baby. I entered on the visa waiver program. After being here a couple of months, my wife and I decided to stay in America to raise our family. We printed out the forms required to send in to immigration, but could not fully understand how to fill them out or what exactly was required to submit along with the forms. After searching online for a while, we realized the cost of a lawyer might be worth it since the forms are not always clear and concise. Finally I called Mr. Erwin. Even after the first conversation with him, I felt a sense of relief. He has put so much effort and hard work into my case. I had a criminal record back in Australia of ignorant actions when I was 17. I was sure that would prevent me from being able to immigrate to the U.S. Every time I spoke to Mr. Erwin he would say the only way we would move forward with success was to be fully open and honest, and to prepare for the worst, but expect the best. My interview was in June 2013, and only a week later, I received my Green card in the mail! What an amazing feeling, and it would absolutely not have been possible without Mr. Erwin’s help! My family will be forever grateful. Thank you so much!

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